Three Primary Features of OOH Advertising

What is Advertising?

Any promotional idea of a brand, service or business which targets a defined target group or groups through a media vehicle comes under advertising. The methods and measures of one promotion activity of a brand may vary from another. However, the end objective of any ad campaign of any brand or service is same i.e. to enhance sales for the brand or service. An advertising campaign of a product or service cannot guarantee sales of the same. However, the entire effort of an ad campaign is to create awareness about the product and eventually to persuade the target group to adopt or buy the product. A wide range of media vehicles are available to advertise a product or service. Television, radio, print media, outdoor media, internet & mobile phones- all these are commonly used mediums of advertising. An ad medium plays the most important role in conveying the brand message to the customers. Some advertisers prefer home based mediums of brand promotion such as television, radio, internet, and print media while some others prefer to launch their promotion campaign through outdoor media such as billboards, signages, posters, kiosks etc.

Outdoor Advertising as an effective medium of brand promotion

Outdoor advertising involves any promotion activity of a brand or product which is launched through an outdoor media vehicle such as billboard, signage, poster, kiosk etc. Outdoor advertising is considered as the oldest modus operandi of brand promotion. However, the impact of outdoor ads has not lessened over the years. Providing an impressive impact on customers, outdoor ads are still a favourite medium of brand promotion for a wide range of brand owners and advertisers.

Some advertisers refer to outdoor ads as OOH (out of home) ads. Three primary features of OOH advertising are provided below-

1. OOH ads bring your brand to the quick notice of customers. OOH Ads are displayed at public places such as shopping malls, airports, metro stations, traffic points, highways etc. These are the places where people frequently visit for personal or professional purposes. Displaying the brand message at such locations means quick and easy notice of the brand message.

2. Ready availability of brand message. OOH Ads are available round the year. The brand message is reachable to the customers not just for days or weeks but for months. This ready availability of brand message help the target audiences access the brand message as per their conveniences.

3. Provides the brand message through a big and bold mode
Any OOH ad easily grasps the passing attention of customers because of its big and bold presentation of the brand message. When the brand message is attention grasping, the impression of the product will be obviously positive.

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