The most popular tweets of the day

The most popular tweets of the day usually come from celebrities, politicians or other high-profile individuals. However, there are plenty of other interesting Twitter users out there who tweet about a variety of topics. If you’re looking for something different to read on Twitter, check out these 10 underrated Twitter accounts.

1. @nycjim

Jim Rich is the editor-in-chief of the New York Daily News, one of the largest daily newspapers in the United States. He often tweets about the news, but he also provides insight into the newspaper industry and what it’s like to run a large news organization.

2. @gavinpurcell

Gavin Purcell is a TV producer who has worked on shows like “Jimmy Fallon,” “Saturday Night Live” and “The Soup.” He tweets about the TV industry, comedy and pop culture.

3. @pourmecoffee

“Pour Me Coffee” is a satirical Twitter account that tweets about politics and current events. The account is run by a group of writers, and it’s frequently funny and insightful.

4. @sarahkliff

Sarah Kliff is a health policy reporter for Vox, and she tweets about health care, politics and policy. She’s especially knowledgeable about the Affordable Care Act and the American health care system.

5. @mat

Mat Honan is a technology writer for Wired, and he tweets about tech news, gadgets and startups. He’s also interesting to follow for his insights on the media industry.

6. @jk_rowling

J.K. Rowling is the author of the “Harry Potter” series, and she tweets about a variety of topics, including books, politics and her work on a new Harry Potter-themed website.

7. @neilgaiman

Neil Gaiman is a bestselling author who tweets about books, writing and pop culture. He’s especially active on Twitter, and he often interacts with fans and other writers.

8. @thesulk

“The Sulky Teen” is a parody Twitter account that tweets about the life of a teenage girl. The account is hilarious and relatable, and it’s a must-follow for anyone who was ever a teenager.

9. @dog_rates

“WeRateDogs” is a Twitter account that rates pictures of dogs on a scale of one to 10. The account is funny and adorable, and it’s a great way to see pictures of cute dogs.

10. @nytimes

The New York Times is one of the most respected news organizations in the world, and its Twitter account is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news. The Times also tweets links to its articles and features, so you can read its journalism even if you don’t have a subscription.

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