The Importance of Bike Sheds

Owning a bike has its advantages. Not only are you healthier for owning one but you can also help save the planet for every day that you ride it instead of taking the car. Like anything else, you have to take care of the bike in order to keep it around for a long time.

Kids and adults alike will benefit from riding a bike. It allows you to take a few moments and enjoy the day outdoors. Even when it is raining you will still feel better when you get outdoors. It will give you time to stop at places you normally can’t find a parking place for. Riding a bike will eliminate the traffic jams you always end up sitting in on your way to and from work.

On the days that you don’t work, make it a point to take the bikes out to the park so you and the kids can enjoy the day together. Start shopping at your local stores to help support local businesses and spend less time sitting in the car for long periods of time trying to drive around and find a better deal.

You will need to invest in bike sheds. If you have several bikes to keep up with you will want to buy a shed that is large enough to accommodate them all. You may also want to keep all your bike supplies in the bike sheds. Encourage everyone in your family to use bikes instead of taking the car, especially if you live in the city and have access to bike trails.

Whether you run your own business or you work for someone else you can encourage others to take their bikes to work instead of driving. If your company is not prepared for bikes you may want to suggest bike sheds to be placed near the car park for those who want to ride bikes to work instead of driving. You may even be elected to oversee the bike sheds project. Carefully choose the right sheds to hold several bikes. At first people may be hesitant to ride their bikes to work but after they see more and more people riding to work instead of driving you may even find that you are running out of bike room in the bike sheds!

Keep a few spare bike supplies in a convenient location for all who cycle. You will need bicycle tire tubes, a patch kit, air pump, extra knee and elbow pads, and a few helmets that someone may want to donate. You may even want to keep a few baskets in storage for those who end up taking some work home with them.

To keep down on the confusion you may want to assign a place for everyone to park their bikes in the bike sheds. Keeping these sheds organised will help everyone. Simply create bike labels for everyone to display so they will know where to park. Plus this may encourage them to ride their bike more because they know they have a place to put their bike.

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