Should I Match Kundli Before Marriage

Matching Kundali before marriage is it necessary? This question asked by lots of people today, mostly by those who are in relationship because many marriages are broken because of their kundali mismatching. We all know that marriages are considered as a sacred and consecrated in the Hindu religion and one should not only abide in the present life, but for saving lives. People believe that Kundali matching, Kundali Milan analysis before fixing marriages is very important as this helps in deciding whether the bride and groom have matching attitudes or nature, which are very significant for a long marriage relationship.

In India, matching Kundali is very integral part of marriage, and the Kundali chart reflects the planetary positions and their impacts and effects on human life. In the past, understanding between husband and wife makes their marriage relationship healthy and strong. However, nowadays people use horoscope or Kundali matching to search compatible life partner for them. People also believe that marriages are supposed to be contracts but a Sanskar in Hindu religion. For many people, marriages are one time deals as divorce is not allowed so that they look for perfect life partners with whom they can spend their whole life happily. For this reason, they take help of astrology and match kundali for ensuring themselves that there will be no problem in the future.

Vedic Indian astrology deals in the subject of compatibility or Kundali matching between two people (bride and groom) for the purpose of marriage. During matching the Kundali, Indian astrologers consider various parameters to predict about how successful the relationship between the couples and checking compatibility by the matching horoscope ensure couples about a better, healthy, strong relationship not only for marriage but also for friendship, or other association. An astrologer mainly describes the couples about their post marriage relationship, and tells them about the problems or happiness they are going to face in near future.

Astrologers do an 8 fold kundali matching test to match the compatibility between boy and girl, and the eight folds adding to a total of “36 gunas”. The gunas are matched by astrologers, and the more guns matched the more the compatibility between married couples and their marriage relationship stands for a long time. Gunas are matched by astrologers with the following 8 mentioned points:

1. Varan
2. Vasya
3. Tara
4. Yoni
5. Grah Maitri
6. Gan
7. Bhakoot
8. Nadi

After doing these 8 different tests, scores are given by astrologers that are followed:

If below 18 Gunas matched only, then the marriage is not recommended. If minimum 18-24 Gunas matched, then it is acceptable Kundali matching. However, if the number of matching ‘Gunas’ is more than 26 then a match is considered best.

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