Making moving to Melbourne easier

When moving to Melbourne, you will need a place to live. There are many possibilities, but the easiest way is to find a Melbourne apartment for rent in an area which is convenient for your needs. With apartments spread all across the city of Melbourne, finding one which suits your unique needs and requirements is possible.

Which of the many Melbourne apartments for rent should you choose? This decision is constrained by your budget, lifestyle and work location. Budget will be critical in factoring where you rent your apartment – bayside suburbs and those places with spectacular vistas often command a higher rental price than those which are nestled in the quieter areas of the city. Facilities offered at the place are also things which impact the cost when you chose which Melbourne apartment to rent. Do you need a swimming pool, or a gymnasium on site? How about a tennis court or a spa and sauna? If you don’t think you could live in an apartment without these facilities, the cost of your rental will go up. Whereas if you can do without a tennis court, or a doorman, you will find that many more places will fit into your budget.

Lifestyle is another important factor when choosing which Melbourne apartment for rent you wish to live in. Those who want the sea and sand would find areas like Port Melbourne and St Kilda more appealing, while those who want a more urban/city-side lifestyle, with chic cafes and restaurants, would be more at home in the CBD, or Southbank. Noise is another factor, with higher floors often being quieter than those lower to the city streets – while St Kilda road is a quieter location than the corner of Bourke and Collins Street in the CBD.

Finally, work location will impact your choice of Melbourne apartment. Most businesses that relocate employees have offices in the heart of the city – the CBD. So your next decision is if you want to live close to your workplace, or would rather live away and commute each day. Melbourne has a large, well-integrated public transport network, so if commuting is ok by you – then as long as you are near a major public transport artery, and you work in the city – then the locations you can chose from when looking at a Melbourne apartment for rent increase. If commuting isn’t your thing, then generally the CBD and Southbank area would be for you – as you have a few moments walk between your front door and your office.
Melbourne is a wonderful city, with many exciting features, and when choosing an apartment to rent, always keep in mind these things, and it will make your experience that much more memorable.

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