Make security a priority

When choosing a mailbox or letterbox you need to give careful consideration to security measures. Although style and décor are important, particularly when choosing mailboxes for the home, protecting your postal deliveries should be top of your list. Lockable wall mounted mailboxes are some of the most robust and secure models available as they have been specifically designed to deter thieves from trying to steal mail for fraud and identity theft purposes.

Although there are freestanding models of post boxes available, if you want to make yourself less of a target to thieves then choose a wall mounted mailbox. Mailboxes that are fixed to the home will deter a thief as he or she is more likely to be detected trying to break in to the letterbox if it is set in a prominent place. Freestanding models set at the gardens perimeter are easy prey for petty criminals who can quickly and easily gain access.

Another benefit to the wall mounted variety is that they tend to have more storage space. This can help you in times when you can get to your mailbox to empty it straight away. It can also facilitate a mixture of mail from envelopes to small packages avoiding the need for delivery firms to leave packages unprotected outside your home.

The lock you choose is obviously important in deterring criminals. The better the lock the harder it is for a thief to break in. Thieves like quick and easy access and will quickly give up if a mailbox proves to be too tough. It will also deter childish pranks and acts of vandalism. Look for mailboxes made in robust steel and stainless steel with anti-pry openings. This will ensure your mail and identity remains safe.

At Mailbox Mania we have a great range of secure mailboxes in a variety of styles so you don’t have to compromise on the look.

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