Are you a mother with a school-age child? Your busyness can be doubled. I can understand you a little because I also have two children who are entering school age. My first child has just entered first grade elementary school and my second child is in kindergarten school. Since the two of them went to school, my busy life has increased, namely cooking their school lunches.

Apart from teaching the two of them after school with homework, preparing lunches in the morning is a task that turns out to be quite time-consuming, thought-provoking and energy-consuming. I can’t wake up late. Otherwise, there is no lunch box for their school. The school is quite firm for parents so that their children are accustomed to eating home cooking, not snacks (even though the school canteen is already open). Oh yes, after this pandemic period, we parents and the school have agreed to comply with every rule that has been made, one of which is that children must bring their own lunch.

Just sharing my personal experience, cooking this lunch takes my mind too because children get bored quickly and are more interested in playing at school than spending their lunch! As a mother who has been cooking for herself since dawn. Then seeing that their lunch box still has a lot left, makes me rack my brain to make a lunch menu so that they are interested in finishing their food.

Every day I open Youtube, see lunch ideas on social media or google new menus for them so that they are interested in the lunch I prepared. Because I’m in the kitchen more often now, I thought about renovating my kitchen a little so that I too was enthusiastic about making new menus for my children. I also started looking for and seeing the latest kitchen designs on several social media and google of course. One of them I’m looking for a cabinet designer recommendation that gets a fairly high rating from the website canalysnavigationforum.

I also started to look at several other cabinet makers that have high ratings on the website. Not bad for helping me to decide and make a budget for my minimalist kitchen renovation. I want to feel comfortable when making lunch or cooking at home every day for my little family. And I hope, my husband and children can also enjoy the results of these small changes.

It Made Me Love To Cook My Kid’s Lunch Box
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