Is Cost Of Living High In Turkey?

Turkey has attracted people across the globe as one of the hottest tourist destinations and a well kept secret. It has stunning beaches and mountain retreats which make it very attractive to visitors and holidaymakers. Agricultural and industrial trade sectors of Turkey are well developed to provide the residents with a good standard of living. There are popular historical landmarks like Topkapi Palace, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, and the beautiful city of Troy all working hard to attract the tourist. Flourishing trade and a greater amount of economic awareness among the people have made the real estate market of Turkey one of the best places to invest in.

Turkey is fortunate in that it can provide all the basics amenities required for a good standard of living at very reasonable cost. Turkey is well known for its agriculture and enjoys an abundance of fresh, locally grown produce. Fruit, vegetables and fish are available in local markets at a much lower price than at home. Local shops are well supplied and are often cheaper than the large supermarkets or departmental stores. Eating out is an inexpensive affair in Turkey! Some people even think that cooking at home is more expensive than eating out. However, imported alcohol, wines and beer can be more costly, but you can easily get hold of some amazing local beers and wines at much a cheaper price and definitely worth a try!

One of the major reasons why cost of living is lower in Turkey is taxation. The annual tax people have to pay is low in Turkey, property owners have an annual property tax that is based on the acknowledged value of their land or property. The rate for land is 0.2%-0.3% and for residential buildings it is 0.1%. As in many countries you also have to pay income tax on any income earned in Turkey, whether from a rental property or investments.

Trade professionals advise to invest in Turkey property because, compared to other neighbouring regions, Turkey can provide you with a great standard of living at the lowest price. Investment in Turkey properties is a wise move for the overseas investors, luxurious villas and apartments with fantastic views can easily be found in fantastic locations and encourage you to make a wise investment. If you are planning to rent an apartment in Turkey, then you can negotiate the price with the real estate agency. Apartments, villas, studios and penthouses are both available and affordable in Turkey.

Healthcare is also inexpensive in Turkey. Most of the regions in Turkey have well equipped private hospitals. Doctors and staff are well trained and speak in English to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. As cosmetic surgery is quite affordable here, Turkey is gaining more and more prominence in this field. Other top class medical facilities like fertility and cosmetic dentistry are also quite affordable in Turkey. Using public transport in Turkey is cheap and involves less hassle than owning your own car.

To conclude, cost of living is inexpensive and quite affordable in Turkey. So invest in homes in Turkey and live life to its fullest!

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