How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee with a Cafetiere

Unlike a filter coffee machine or an espresso maker, a cafetiere does not have any means of heating water. So the first step is to fill the kettle with freshly drawn water and switch it on. Meanwhile, fill the cafetiere with water from the hot tap. This will warm the cafetiere and ensure that your coffee stays warmer longer.

When the water in the kettle is nearly boiling, empty the cafetiere. You could pour the water from the cafetiere into your cups or mugs to warm them, too.

Add some coarsely ground coffee to the cafetiere. The amount you add depends upon
1) The amount of coffee you are making
2) How strong you like your coffee
3) The kind of coffee you are using.
Try using a dessert spoon of coffee for every 2 cups (1 mug) that you are making. Adjust this to your own taste the next time you make some coffee.

Add water from the kettle to the level that you want. Note that the cup markings on the cafetiere are for coffee cups. If you are using mugs, use 2 cups for each mug.

Insert the plunger into the jug, but don’t push it down. Wait for 5 minutes to let the coffee infuse.

If you put hot water in the cups or mugs to warm them, pour it away. Add milk or cream to the cups if you use it.

When the five minutes has passed, the coffee is ready. Hold the jug with one hand and carefully, but firmly, push down the plunger with the other. Depending on the type and quantity of coffee you used, this might sometimes be a little difficult. If the plunger will not go down any further, pull it up slightly and try again. Continue until the plunger is as far down as it will go.

Now pour the coffee into the cups, sit back and enjoy the rich taste and aroma of your own freshly brewed coffee. You’ll never want to go back to instant coffee.

Final Word
You can not make espresso-style coffee with a cafetiere, but you can make you cafetiere coffee as strong as you want.

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