When parents with children start planning their next group vacation, they have to take into account the needs and interests of everyone in the family. Thanks to the wide array of activities for children and adults alike, South Florida has become a good choice for families with all different vacation budgets.

Marc Eisenmann is the owner of Hollywood Beach Hotels, a family-friendly lodging solution for families who aren’t sure where to stay in the area. “When I travel with my kids, we like to diversify,” he says. “So when we plan a vacation, we are looking for a place that has the most things for everyone to do.” Eisenmann also recommends following a similar path when planning the next vacation for your family. And according to him, you have to think about what is in the area and what your kids like to do, as a lot of kids are different.

Comfortable Motels
Eisenmann advises families to make sure they know what they are getting in for when they plan a vacation to Hollywood Beach during the summer. Among the many benefits to staying in Hollywood Beach, FL, are the motels that cater to families. In general, Thanksgiving through Easter is the high season in South Florida because the summer gets extremely hot down there. Those heat waves can lead to deals for vacationers booking motels in Hollywood Beach, FL, since discounted low-season pricing (in the summer) coincides with the time when most kids are out of school.

Dependable Weather
In addition, Eisenmann says the dependable weather draws many people to Hollywood Beach because they know their vacation isn’t likely to get washed out. The weather in South Florida is usually substantially more dependable than in other areas of the country. You might catch a bad day or two, but overall you know what you are getting when it comes to the weather in Hollywood Beach.

A Lot of Other Kids
In Eisenmann’s experience, another thing that parents should search for when looking for a good vacation destination is where they can be around other families with kids. If you want to go on vacation to a place where a lot of other children are staying, then the motels in Hollywood Beach, FL, are definitely going to be a good option. Thanks to recent improvements in the nearby beach and boardwalk areas — such as a newly built water park and a renovated boardwalk — the beach area is teeming with kids.

Many Activities
In Hollywood Beach, families can partake in many activities, such as renting water bicycles and other water toys right from the beachside vendors. The vendors offer all sorts of things, including individual bikes and six-pedal bikes, which families can rent out for an hour at a time.
Additionally, the advantage of South Florida is that you have a tremendous amount of options within an hour’s drive. If a family were to stay at a hotel in the Florida Keys, which is further South, it might not have many options if the kids were to decide that they want to go to an amusement park one morning. Families staying in motels near Hollywood Beach, FL, however, can do a number of activities without driving more than an hour.

In South Florida, you can pretty much ask your kids what they want to do and make it happen. Within an hour of Hollywood Floridam, there are amusement parks and water parks. Just a short distance from Hollywood Beach is Lion Country Safari — a drive-through safari adventure — along with Jungle Island, Boomers family entertainment center, and a handful of water parks. Unless your children want to go skiing in the snow, you will pretty much be able to find what they want to do within an hour’s drive from wherever you’re staying.

How to Find a Good Vacation Destination
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