How to edit pictures with simplicity

How To Edit Pictures

If you’re in the market to learn how to edit pictures then, you may have already discovered the staggering number of software options out there leading to the dilemma of too many choices and how to decide on which one. If you want to find the best software that is simple enough to teach you how to edit pictures and powerful enough for you to evolve your creativity then, let me tell you a little story.

Until recently, I used to work in a special effects videography and virtual photography studio where I used Adobe Photoshop as my digital photography editing software. I used Photoshop to create virtual photography by combining high resolution photos along with 3D virtual backgrounds. I loved using this software but, I never got around to using all the many functions and features. I used what I needed and learned those functions well.

Unfortunately, the studio wasn’t doing very well and I had to leave. I started doing some photography on the side and business picked up. I needed some help to keep up with the demand so, I asked my wife to help. She didn’t know much about photography nor did she know anything about editing pictures. However, when I showed her this software to see if she could learn it, I was amazed by how quickly she learned HOW TO EDIT PICTURES. Now that the business is doing pretty well, I have the funds to purchase a professional picture editing software. But, to my surprise, after using this software for almost a year now, I realized that this software has all the editing power I need and the simplicity to avoid complicated problems.

My wife and I really love this software and can’t understand why anyone, other than professional photographers who do complicated editing, would need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional picture editor (Like Photoshop) when you can spend less than $100 and get everything you need and even a lot more. You really don’t have to spend a lot to learn how to edit pictures with the right software.

With all honesty, I simply love using this picture editor and my wife has become really good and learned how to edit pictures very quickly. You should see what she’s done with our personal photos.she gets really creative. Well, we love using this picture editor so much that I decided to become part of their affiliate program. Take a look, and I guarantee that if you’re looking to learn how to edit pictures then, this is the perfect picture editor for you.

EditorX To Show You How To Edit Pictures In A Fun Way

Professional Quality Yet Simple
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When your ready to evolve your photos, THIS PROGRAM EDITORX has all the special effects, including Layer Paradigms, that the professional programs offer but….at hundreds of dollars less. The functions and features are equivalent to PhotoShop CS3 and provide “true to life” studio quality results. In consideration of its capabilities in relation to its price….you will find this one to be a great deal.

Let Your Personal Preference Drive Your Search

If Your Serious About Learning How To Edit Pictures
Learn How To Edit PicturesOne very valuable lesson I learned while doing my research is that when tackling my search for the best software to teach how to edit pictures there are a lot to choose from. Therefore, I needed to break down my search in manageable segments. First off, I knew I could find a very good photo editing software between $50 to $100. Secondly, I knew precisely what my needs were and what functions and features I will need. This allowed me to significantly decrease the number of my choices down to a manageable search.

I discovered that most of the software packages came with either a money back guarantee or a trial version. I strongly recommend you take advantage of these types of offers allowing you to feel out the program to help you with your decision. Two valuable lessons learned in the process, are that the editing software may come with a very attractive package and sound much better than the practical use of the software. In other words, looks can be deceiving. Secondly, for those photo editors that provide a money back guarantee….be aware that most of them really don’t want to give you your money back and will fight you to the end.

Finally, after a lot of testing and comparing…I found the best software that turned out to be very effective in teaching how to edit pictures. It’s called EditorX and it is exactly what I was looking for. It uses a perfect combination of wizards and very easy to use functions to perfect the final outcome. What I found in my professional experiences, that using effective wizards can provide a good starting point where further adjustments can be easily applied. I found that this program applies this simple concept better than any other photo editor software I could find. Once you use the Wizard, it’s only a matter of a few mouse clicks and the final product is studio worthy.

I strongly suggest you first work with their trial version and determine if it’s right for you. I’m confident you will see what I mean by its ease of use and how amazed you will be when you see the final results. After you try it… I hope you leave a comment telling me about your experience.

Learn How To Edit Pictures With Layer Paradigms

Unleash Your Creative Potential With Layer Paradigms

Go ahead and unleash your creativity by combining photos onto photos


Take it completely “Outside The Box” by combining high resolution photography with 3D virtual backgrounds!!

Learn How To Edit Pictures With Creativity

Learn How To Edit Pictures With RomanceEditorX – Any digital picture editor can fix up good pictures but, this picture editor will fix up the bad ones too!

This picture editor offers some great special effects and a very easy to use picture paradigm program. This is a great program to do photos onto photos and it provides studio quality results. If you’re looking to unleash your creativity then, I strongly suggest you check this one out!

Very Important Lesson Learned

How To Edit Pictures With SimplicityAnother very important lesson learned, is in how some of these programs offered some very impressive presentations. But, in these cases, it was the advertiser that offered a professional product opposed to the software developers. A great number of the advertisements were right out deceptive!!

After lesson after lesson learned, I realized that it’s all about the feel of the product. The feel when being creative and also how I felt when I looked over the end results. I required a streamlined suite of tools that used as few clicks as possible to reach the final results. I had to have diversity in the special effect filters allowing me free reign to take a picture and enhance it to perfection.

I highly recommend finding a program that offers a good combination of functions and wizards. The wizards are great at saving time and mouse clicks. Keeping in mind, that some wizards are more effective than others. A good wizard provides a quick transformation to an improved picture. Then, it’s up to the creator to take it to through the creative arena and provide a final product.

Additionally, regardless of the level of sophistication you require in your digital picture editor, you will want to make sure that the program supports multiple file formats, along with, compatibility with other electronic devices such as scanners, printers and so on. The most common file format of today is the Jpeg However, be sure to get a program that also supports the other most common formats such as….PICT, PSD, PSP, PNG, GIF and RAW file types. With the ever changing world of electronics….consider the more the better.

Now, there are some very inexpensive picture editors available including free software that accompanies most new digital camera purchases. Additionally, there are some really fun editing programs online that you can use for free. However, these picture editors are seriously lacking in functions and capability and will not satisfy the creative enthusiasts. These programs are good at enhancing good pictures but, fall short in being able to fix bad ones.

For the more passionate creator, you will require a more sophisticated program allowing you to realize your creative potential. However, be careful not to over indulge yourself with too much program as it could easily overwhelm you into not utilizing the program to its fullest potential. Some of these programs can be very difficult to master and require too much time and effort to learn which takes you away from actually using the program. A good configured suite of tools can be used right away in a manner that you can use while you learn. So, if you’re experiencing difficulty when trying it out….go to the next one…it’s that simple.

I spent a great deal of time on deciding which digital picture editor would suit my particular needs. The one thing I wanted to avoid more than anything is to find something better later for a better price. If you’re gonna take the time to perfect a good program make sure it’s the right one for you.

I really learned a lot when it comes to digital picture editors….the software of today spans two sides of the spectrum….from basic software that lets you do some cropping and fixing to…. sophisticated packages that allow users to manipulate photos in unlimited ways. Similarly, the costs can range from free to hundreds of dollars. In the case of finding the right photo editor, costs is not always a good barometer of either power or usability.

I spent too much time comparing one editor after another….so, when I found the perfect solution for myself I just couldn’t ignore my find. This product really excites me….not only did I save hundreds of dollars by not replacing Adobe but, I also got a really nice product for my time spent looking for an alternative. At my professional level, I am really impressed with some really phenomenal results and the price I paid for it.

Yes, in my excitement I became compelled me to become an affiliate of the program and decided to write up this hub page and share my experiences.

Please note, this particular digital picture editor may be perfect for me. However, I emphasize and repeat my statement….It’s your personal preference that should drive your search. I strongly recommend you try out this product before you purchase it. However, if you have the creative gene as I do…..I know you will really love it!!

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