It’s no surprise that the subject of infertility is closely related to the topic of stress. This is a package deal, and they both work together if only to team up against the afflicted individual. You might be having some doubts about your health, especially if you have been trying to get pregnant for a year or more. Is it possible that the stress is keeping you from getting pregnant? It definitely isn’t helping if you already had a lot of stress in your life before trying to conceive. Infertility stress can be a burden to men and women alike.

Without a doubt, infertility is a big deal emotionally. Sex and conception are of great importance to many people, and losing the ability to conceive can have a major effect on a couple. There is no couple that wants to hear that they’re infertile. After this news one could feel isolated, perhaps feeling as if they’re the only one who has ever been plagued with this issue. Perhaps a person might feel a bit inadequate, guilty, and many other things. There is good cause for it as well, after all, who wants to hear that they may never be able to have a child?

The stress can actually affect your overall health, but that really depends on how long it lasts and how bad it actually is. There is always going to be stress, but too much of this truly can be bad for the body, causing it to take defensive action. Let’s take a look at two different types of stress. First you have acute stress, which can be attributed to conditions that might not last long, though are brought into the person’s life from a specific event. Then there is chronic stress, in which the body releases hormones to help the body cope with the issue on an ongoing basis. This type of stress an last for a very long time, months even.

Infertility stress is one that is going to cause some serious issues. It may decrease your overall health and reduce your chances of fertility. If you are experiencing too much stress, then you may find that the organs which create eggs cannot communicate with the brain properly, thereby interfering with conception. Hormone imbalance can create serious issues, and reduce the chances of conception for the long term.

Stress may damage the cardiovascular system quite substantially, and this affects men and women alike. It might not ruin your chances of pregnancy, though it won’t be good for you, that’s for sure. This can also have a huge effect on the man, believe it or not. The infertility stress can affect the man’s sperm count and the overall health of the sperm.

This isn’t good for anyone, especially young couples. Luckily there are treatments, some of which are acupuncture and different herbs. These will relieve infertility stress through having an effect on the nervous system. This will release muscle tension, relax the individual, and even stop mental agitation. If you are experiencing infertility stress, then try one of these courses of treatment, or another recommended by your physician.

How Bad Is Infertility Stress?
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