Good College Essay

Good college essay writing is a thing to be studied and practiced by every academically conscious student. In writing a good paper, the student must bear in mind the topic sentence, the power of persuasion and the perfection of the paper. A good essay is comprised of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The topic of a good quality essay should be investigative or persuasive. It should have something on which the reader is interested or have some learning from. A good essay has an appropriate topic sentence. The topic sentence should reflect the title of the paper and spells out the main idea of the paragraph. A topic sentence is the foundation for the rest of the paragraph and eventually the whole of the essay. For your essay to be perfect, you can either put the topic sentence as first sentence, near the beginning or the end of the paragraph. When placed at the beginning, the topic sentence states what the paragraph is to be about. Sometimes the first sentence of the new paragraph serves as a transition between what is to come and what has gone before. The second sentence may be the topic sentence. When attempting to persuade the reader to agree, you may sum up details throughout your paragraph, and then in a dramatic flourish, you conclude with a topic sentence. These are all forms and styles of perfecting the essay. A good essay has a sense of persuading the reader. Imagine that your essay has nothing to leave on the impression of the readers. This will be a mere piece of writing. A perfect essay will normally take into consideration the audience and will want to win their sympathy. It is persuasive to anticipate an objection that might occur to your readers and lay it to rest. To convince your readers, you will be considered as the character that will have to convey a well-built sense of ethics and authority. These are what the audience is looking for. Your essay must also have some logical presentation of ideas. If you raise any argument, it should be based on logic rather than on assumptions to maintain a credit worthiness of your paper. A good essay should be emotionally appealing to the readers. You have to first of all know who your readers are, before writing on what can spur them. Good college essay writing takes time and effort to be perfected. Take note that your essay may have fine ideas but imperfect due to grammatical errors. Writing a good paper is a way to tell your readers that you are an intelligent person. Grammtical and spelling errors may cancel that impression. Mistakes in themselves does not mean you are not sensible. It is the ability not to correct them that means you are imperfect. It will also be wise to follow the precribed or applicable format, vary sentence structure and reduce the length, use more of the active than the passive voice, use appropriate transitions and make sure that you have taken a stand which reflects what the body of the essay is talking about.

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