Glow Sticks: A Great Way to Promote Your Business

Glow sticks come with a variety of imprints on them. You can put your graduation date on there, holiday dates, anniversary dates, and many more. Have you ever thought about using glow sticks as a promotional tool? Glow sticks are a very popular novelty and it might just be worth your while to imprint the name of your business on some glow sticks and pass them out.

You can give them to friends and neighbors or pass them out to people on the street. You could use them at job fairs. When you set up your tent space at the job fair location, put your basket out and lay your glow sticks in the basket and put “Free, Take One”. If the kids take one, they will be sure to show mommy and daddy their new glow stick. Then mommy and daddy will look it over and see the imprint for your business on it. When others catch on that people are getting free glow sticks, they will ask where they came from. Word of mouth spreads fast.

You can also use them for career days at colleges. You would be set up at a table waiting for the college kids to come by and see what you have to offer. You can then invite them to take one of your glow sticks with your business name on it and attached business card. The college kids like to joke around and have fun and when they start spreading the word about the imprinted glow sticks, it can be a real boost for your business.

Promoting your business by glow sticks is a wonderful way to reach people who may be looking for a job or who may be looking for certain goods and services. Every time they see that glow stick, they will be reminded about where they came across it. Glow Sticks are not just for fun but they can be for business too. What a colorful and exciting way to use something that is so simple and fun.

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