There may be no place like home, but when you have to be away, finding true comfort and a really clean environment can be a daunting task, even or the best HR group, that may be handling your excursion or the very best of secretaries with good intentions.
From booking your airline ticket, booking your room, and locating amenities, to making the most as many companies do now with your frequent flyer points to rewards points at various hotels. Finding your home away from home, if measured correctly for your comfort and conveniences, doesn’t have to be so hard.
I have listed below the most frequent methods and mistakes, those people uses who actually book your room status, location and length of stay . To assist in bringing your attention to a few matters, if you think about it makes perfect common since, I have included more than a couple of things that should be first and foremost on the agenda when someone plans a trip or reservations on your behalf.

Most common methods used in booking hotel stays for the corporate and business traveler:
1) Closet location to your meeting agenda
2) Most common mistake( booking according to a star system generated on internet reviews
3) Rate shopping or comparison shopping to save pennies on the dollar
4) Closest one to a airport
5) Choosing one that screams through advertisement it’s an extended stay environment,
without checking into the real facts.

I am positive after reading the above, that most can agree, these are the norms that are used when making plans on your behalf for each of your trips during business.

Measures that should be considered when planning your stays in order that your comfort and conveniences is met:

1) What is the traffic like around this environment: ( Consider commute times in a very busy traffic environment, not to mention the absolute horrific noise that will disturb your rest) a better rested mind and body will serve you much better in preparation to close that business lead or to make your presentations.

2) Consider Cleanliness! Just how clean is that hotel room that someone has booked you into? Looks can very often be deceiving, what measure does the hotel take to ensure an antibacterial or hypoallergenic environment for your stay? It’s not all about how many times a maid comes into to briefly pull up the sheets and blankets that you slept in through the night!

3) What types of amenities that really count are nearby? Consider quality restaurants that server not only great tasting foods , but foods that are nutritious and available at hours that can accommodate your busy schedule, instead of the average that you normally get with fast delivery services of fast foods.

4) Medical – Banking – Dental or rental car –facilities and amenities that count, in the event of illness or distress, and for financial necessities.

5) One of the most important, what kind and brands of mattress and pillows are used! Noting is worse that a bad night of sleep, Studies show that most people would rather pay a little above the average discounted hotel fair to have a mattress that supports their bodies needs in comfort. Are the mattress covers effective with hypoallergenic pillows and antibacterial?

Business travelers should be afforded the very best in comfort and in convenience. They fly across states and countries in an all out effort to ensure that business grows, excels, expands and continues. They sacrifice time with family, friends and loved ones alike. Companies now budget air fare, travel or trip plans which in many cases has an effect on the hotel industry and standards. But the good news is, even today you can find comfort, and convenience and excellent cleanliness especially in Canada extended stay environments and for certain the Edmonton- Alberta province is one of the best areas to find these corporate housing accommodations.

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