Corfu Hotel – Location is an Important Factor

Corfu Island is one of the touristy Ionian Islands lying on the north of the Ionian Sea. According to travelers and nature lovers, it is considered to be the greenest of all the islands. Foreign cultures have played an important and decisive role in developing Corfu Island. If you look at the island’s history, you will see that Corfu has been ruled by almost all the powerful civilizations of the past, including the Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish, French and the British as well. Thus ancient sites and ruins, architectural marvels and museums have a lot to show to the guests of this island and in fact, many of these civilizations, specially the British, have preserved strong bonds to the island. That is how Corfu slowly transformed into a tourist hub in the late 1970s and started getting its first European tourists during this time.

The perfect Mediterranean climate, panoramic locales and fantastic beaches coupled with mouthwatering local cuisine made it an instant favorite with the new tourists. The tourism industry was aware of the fact that tourists needed good accommodation facilities on this island. The location of these accommodations was also of primary concern to the authorities. You cannot build a Corfu hotel and apartments at a desolate place away from local in habitations. Thus, old houses and mansions that were being sold off by the natives at that time were taken up by the tourism industry to turn each of them into a beautiful Corfu hotel and apartments. Renovations to the building were done, interiors were newly refurnished and modern amenities were made available to the guests. With the increase in tourists each year, there would be a brand new Corfu hotel and apartments coming up for the tourists of the region.

Certain facilities would be common at any Corfu hotel and Corfu apartments whereas exceptional facilities might be extraordinary care given to the guests and to their wishes, such as improved international cuisine, spacious lobbies, more floors and rooms added to the hotel, exotic interior designing in different rooms, interior infinity pools, spa facilities or excellent room service. A Corfu hotel and apartments are usually competing with another one in trying to satisfy its guests so that they come back every time at the same Corfu hotel and apartments. Care is always taken so as to choose a good location for any Corfu hotel and apartments. It should not be isolated from the town or village. Wherever the Corfu hotel and apartments would be built, it should have a pleasant surrounding climate, should not be an insect infested area, should be at a close proximity to the nearest village or town and should definitely have a fantastic view from each room.

If you visit any Corfu hotel and apartments by the beach, you will notice that all the rooms are sea facing. Even the restaurant in such a Corfu hotel and apartments would be sea facing including the outdoor restaurant of the hotel, if it has any. It would have an extended deck type patio on which there will be endless rows of tables and chairs arranged in a very neat manner. Umbrellas will also be provided, shading each table, in case it is a sunny and hot afternoon during lunch time, whereas any Corfu hotel and apartments located on the mountain or hillside should have a splendid view of the surrounding area. The guests staying at the Corfu hotel and apartments should have the feeling of being close to nature. These types of hotels are especially favorite to nature lovers and nature photographers. If a Corfu hotel and apartments can combine a sea facing view at a distance along with a mountain view, it would definitely be acknowledged as the best hotel on the island.

Hoteliers are also building their dream Corfu hotel and apartments right in the heart of the capital city or town. The logic behind choosing such locations is that tourists can get quick access to the necessary amenities as well as have an opportunity to interact with the locals and get to know the culture of the island. These locations are costly and are usually close to the main restaurants and the nightclubbing areas. This enables the tourists to try out the local dishes made in the authentic manner in the local restaurants. Although the Corfu hotel and apartments will definitely have their own discs, tourists would not mind hopping from one local disc to another.

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