Camden London – Unique & Entertaining

Camden is a borough based in inner London. It is recognised for its unique and entertaining area known as Covent Garden. Here you will find street performers, a range of entertainment facilities and brilliant architecture including The Royal Opera House which is commonly referred to as Covent Garden as the large building in itself symbolises the area.

The Royal Opera House is regarded as a major venue for performing arts and has a seating capacity of over 2000 alongside four beautiful balconies and an amphitheatre gallery. The building is predominantly a theatre which has undergone severe redevelopment in 1990, from its original construction in the 1850’s. The entire Covent Garden area is estimated to hold a market value of £650 million and is spread across 550,000 sq ft of land.

In Camden town you can visit Camden Market where you will come across a variety of large markets selling crafts, fast food, clothing and many more unusual items. It is an extremely popular space in all of London, attracting 100,000 visitors every weekend and is also in fact the fourth most appealing tourist attraction in the city. The market was established in the 1970’s as prior to this there was merely a smaller market, selling food only.

For a more cultural experience of Camden, visitors can go to Camden Arts Centre which has recently been part of a huge restoration programme costing £4.2 million. The Arts Centre showcases various collections of contemporary art in its amazing art gallery, the largest in the North end of London. In addition to viewing the selected art pieces, visitors also get the chance to learn about the process involved when constructing art pieces.

A structure that may be worth visiting is BT Tower, a tower which stands 189 metres tall however, it is no longer open to the general public and even the restaurant found within the structure is only strictly accessible for BT events. From time to time, broadcasts can be made from the very top of the structure on special occasions. The building is a permanent fixture in London and can no longer be removed as it was given Grade II building status in recent years. BT Tower is now used for calculating pollution levels from various sources in order to estimate how air quality in all of London can be made better.

For a fun day out with the family, both adults and children can go to London Zoo, which is the oldest scientific zoo in the entire world. The zoo has over 700 different kinds of animals inhabiting the place with over 15,000 individual animals to explore. This formally makes London Zoo one of the largest of its kind in Britain.

London Zoo had its opening in 1847 and was the first zoo to introduce a Reptile House, Insect House, Children’s Zoo and Aquarium. It is now part of a large renovation plan which began its operation in 2008 with the view to recreating real environments for animals as opposed to the cages they are currently kept in, in order for the public to encounter a more stimulating and realistic experience.

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