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Window cleaning business is a natural profit making business. I think many of us are still unaware about this type of business .Actually speaking; this is a type of business that requires less effort, low start up cost and even of no risk at all. Here, we can play two roles, one is of boss‘s and other is of worker’s and also we can choose a suitable time for the work. Even we can choose this business as a part time or fulltime business. This requires no extra qualification and what we need is just a good mind to do hard work.

In this window cleaning business, a single person can earn up to 250$ a day. The most important fact behind the success of this window cleaning business is ‘all of us are leading a busy life and we don’t have enough time to spend in household works and all, so we are always ready to give hands to the people who are comings forward to help us or share our burden of work even if we have to pay them.

Window washing businesses is the term used for window cleaning business. Another plus point about this business is that, this can be done even by a male or a female. The basic knowledge required for this process is really simple to learn and follow. And another additional advantage is that, the cost of the equipment needed for this window washing business is too low and is around 100$ or less that and as the size of the equipment is too small, there is no need of a large storage space for it
Moreover, the potential of this window cleaning business is present in both small cities and metropolitan cities. In this business, the chance for risk is less and the awaiting rewards are really surprising. Here, after starting the business and immediately after establishing a usual service routine, we can hire new people for part time as helpers, if needed .And thus we can very well flourish our work. The initial step to start our business is very simple, i.e., ’just visit as many houses and offices as you can and explain the service you are going to provide and just leave your visiting cards there. Its sure, they will call you soon because, they are waiting for people like you. This window cleaning business can be considered as a stepping stone for the success for most of the common people or job hunters.

The professional way of cleaning the window is by using a mixture of few drops of cleaning solution with an excess of water and clean the window surface using squeegee, but make sure that the end of the squeegee is placed firmly against the top sill of the window frame. Wipe the squeegee and repeat the process carefully, until the window becomes clean. After finishing the work with squeegee, take a chamois and carefully “blot-wipe” the excess of water from the window surface .Finally, here is the end of our work. How simple it is, right?

Reasons that supports the importance of window cleaning business
1) Windows are available everywhere, that is, in every home, in every office , cars etc.
2) Intial investment is really less.
3) Cost of cleaning equipment is very small and also it requires a little space for the storage.
4) Need of an office space is not necessary at all and our own home can be used as an office, if needed.
5) No need of special qualification.

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