Autoresponder Information Review For Norabots Smart Autoresponder System


While Norabots ranks somewhat low on the popularity rating worldwide, there are some advantages to being small. One of these advantages has to do with cost. Autoresponders are vastly important for any small or medium sized business, and can even be vital to the success of larger businesses because they keep your clients up-to-date with the latest information, frequently asked questions, and special offers that your business may have.

80% of any business’ revenue is generated by 20% of its customers and when you own a small business, especially one that is just starting out, cost is certainly going to be a major factor. Norabots has packages that are catered specifically to these level businesses and some of these packages are free to use.


With Norabots, you can personalize your emails to your customers so that they feel uniquely special, which they are. Norabots also uses RSS technology with means that instead of an email list, your subscribers can sign up to automatically receive your publications through an RSS feed.

For those who are not familiar with RSS feeds, these are the new format that blogs and news articles are being published on and when a subscriber signs up to receive this information, they are notified the moment a new article has been posted or published.

Another added bonus found with Norabots is ability to customize your opt-in features, which helps reduce the possibility of subscribers signing up inadvertently. You can also set up a one-click unsubscribe feature and this is important because customers today want to know that they can easily remove themselves from a list before they sign up for one.


One of the major setbacks for Norabots is that, although the company has been around for six years, it hasn’t yet ranked high on the Internet searches and rankings. What this means is that although this product offers great options and pricing plans, few potential clients or customers may be able to find it through general search criteria.

Also, the registrant of the domain is listed as ‘Unknown,’ and when people can’t find out who is publishing this product or supporting it, it can often be considered a setback and a deterrent.

Overall Summary

Norabots does everything that its larger, more popular cousins can do and it will do them for a fraction of the cost. However, this doesn’t always equate to true value for the dollar, especially if there is a lack in customer support. While we researched this product, customer support is the one thing that we were unable to verify and therefore feel its inclusion here is important.

If your business is young and operating on a string budget, then Norabots is certainly an option worth looking into. If you have some funds at your disposal, however, it may be best to look elsewhere.

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