10 Reasons Why Vacation Villas Are A Great Alternative To Staying In a Hotel

If you are uncertain about Florida villa rentals and think you should stay in a hotel instead, here are ten good reasons that will make you change your mind.

Home Away From Home – Your villa in Florida will be just like your home because it will have all the same comforts that you have at home making it a better way to relax which is usually a primary reason for a vacation.

Cost – For families who need two or three bedrooms or more, a hotel would require several rooms so that you end up spending more on everything because of multiple rooms rather than condensing costs for one Florida villa. Everything in a hotel is more costly particularly food and for a family with children this can become very expensive.

Privacy – There are no restrictions on dining times that you would experience in a hotel being subject to eating when the dining room is open or room service is available. You could really relax and unwind in a villa and would not have interruptions from a maid to bring you more towels or make up the beds.

Space – In a villa in Florida you would have a whole house for your family to be together without being in cramped separate rooms in a limited amount of space where after a few days it becomes claustrophobic. Not only will you have multiple bedrooms, but you will have more bathrooms along with a dining area, living area and kitchen. Everyone will have areas that they can retreat to rest or relax instead of being stuck together in one room.

Bathrooms – There is nothing worse than having to wait for a bathroom because someone else is using it. When family members are crowded into a small hotel room with one small bathroom, only one person can get ready making others have to stand in line. With more than one bathroom at your vacation rental you will all be able to get ready at the same time.

Kitchens – With a kitchen you have the ability to cook your meals thereby saving you lots of money. Many vacation rentals have barbeques so that you can eat inside or outside. If you want a snack during the night you have it without having to call room service or go without because it is after hours.

Private Pools – The privacy of your own pool makes a huge difference in terms of relaxation and enjoyment for most families. You could sunbathe by your own pool without a lot of other noisy people disrupting your peace and quiet. If you want company you can invite others over but you won’t have to listen to people that you don’t know and don’t want to talk to.

Parking – Most people will have a rental car when they go on vacation or they have driven the family car. If you stay in a hotel there is normally an additional daily fee for parking the car depending on where you are. With a Florida vacation rental you will be able to park in the garage – just like you do at home. Unless of course it has been converted into a luxury games room for your added enjoyment.

Washing Machines – Although some hotels have facilities for washing clothes, you have to pay for it or you have to find someplace to wash your clothes. With a villa, you will have a washer and drier – just like you do at home.

Independence – A rental allows you the freedom to come and go as you like without worrying about leaving your possessions behind in a room.

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