Why you seriously need to have to purchase a joystick for flight simulator

But what kind of joystick do you really want? Unfortunately technology moves quickly and so does the technology that drives flight simulator joysticks. Although you never really grew up with video games you do realise that sharing something such as a flight simulator experience together might be a good way to spend time with your kids. With the type of flight simulators available today, it is possible to do all the pre-flight work that even real pilots have to do all in the comfort of your living room. You do realise however that to get most out of the experience you need a dedicated flight simulator controller.

So what exactly do you need to have in a joystick? The most important thing is to look for a good-quality flight joystick. This means a joystick which will stay dead centre and move precisely so that you do not have to fight the joystick to get accurate control. Along with just the joystick itself additional buttons and even a throttle slider makes controlling the aircraft a much more enjoyable experience. Finding a joystick is quite easy as they all use the standard USB port to connect to your computer. It was the case many years ago that your joystick had to connect to your soundcard. However this is all done away with and connection is a breeze.

Finding a good joystick depends a lot on the price you are willing to pay. You can pick up a real cheap and workable joystick for around $20 at your local video games store. However these joysticks may be missing additional sliders and buttons, and in general the software for it might be a little bit lacking. Nonetheless for the casual flyer this is probably more than enough to get your feet wet. However if you are more serious than you may have to spend upwards to $200 to buy a good joystick that will cover you for many years of flying.

Together with a good joystick you experience has expanded by having a good flight simulator program. Without a doubt the most po[censored] r one on the market, although a little bit old is Microsoft flight simulator 10. With Microsoft flight simulator 10 and a good joystick the sky really is the limit an

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