Repeal Obamacare – The Debate Rages On

As the year 2013 rolls by and the date for implementation of new reforms draws closer, citizens of America are getting more and more confused about the fact as to whether they should ask their politicians to repeal Obamacare or let it remain. Much of the movement pertaining to repealing is being led by the Republican Party which feels that these reforms are not grounded on benefitting the people of the country. Because Barrack Obama and his Democratic Party were anti[censored] ting this opposition, they prepared for the situation by introducing the individual mandate, to require health insurance parti[censored] tion or invite a penalty.

How did the term Obamacare come into being and why is it so controversial that there are hot debates every day with ‘repeal Obamacare’ serving as the main topic? Having realized the daunting task that he faced when he assumed power pertaining to the welfare of commoners in his country, President Obama designed a reform concerning health insurance and healthcare. Over a period of time, these began to be collectively referred to as Obamacare and since the President himself did not object to the term it has stuck. After it received a vote of confidence from the Supreme Court, it was brought over the individual mandate to ensure ease of application.

The main argument put forward by the faction that wants the authorities to repeal Obamacare is that not only is the program impractical but would also burden American business with higher taxes. Since Obamacare regulates employers to provide their employees with health insurance policies, it is the company which would be responsible for purchasing the plan for its employees or paying possible penalties. The individual mandate applies to individuals and is enforced via the IRS and income tax, companies have other regulatory burdens required of them in Obamacare.

Because it shifts the burden of health insurance more on the employers, there are two ways of looking at the situation. On one hand it would ensure that every American worker is covered by some insurance plan and no-one is exactly left out in the cold. This explains as to why the back-up of the individual mandate has been provided to address those without employer healthcare. On the other it would mean that people could cancel their individual health plans because the company would be buying one for them. Although a leeway for health exchanges has been provided it is complex enough to convince people that to repeal Obamacare is the way to go.

One of the arguments in favor of the slogan ‘repeal Obamacare’ is that given the vast insurance network that America boasts of handling with online transactions and ensuring a smooth flow is going to be a mammoth task. Courtesy of the past record of such applications, critics and supporters alike are truly curious as to what the ultimate outcome might be. While on the flip side, due to individual mandate being in order, a vast segment of the po[censored] tion which so far has not enjo[censored] any kind of insurance coverage will now enjoy legal protection. Therefore, as per statistics, its being declared as compelling to have a positive impact.

Some of the other reasons which have been cited to justify the call for repeal Obamacare is that it fails to include a large segment of the American po[censored] tion, might be financially unsuitable for small businesses and it curbs the freedom of Americans to choose their own policies. As per the law, the individual mandate tax will be levied on defaulters but a practical survey reveals that there are many American families that fall out of the zone of this reform structure. In spite of the provision for subsidies for small businesses, the cost of issuing policies for all Americans might spiral the expenditure to unprecedented heights.

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