Fatty Liver Symptoms – Natural Reversal Process


By the time you show signs of Fatty Liver symptoms, it’s usually an indication that your liver is already damaged. The liver is considered damaged when the liver cells and the entire liver become saturated with fat causing the liver to become slightly enlarged and heavier. This is why sufferers have that dull nagging pain in the right upper abdominal area.

Other symptoms will very likely include a constant feeling of fatigue and weakness, nausea, yellow or jaundiced skin, flatulence, bloating, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and an inability to lose weight. This is a slow developing disease, which the symptoms can begin to surface over time, and eventually lead to liver inflammation, liver scarring, liver cancer, complete liver failure and even death.

Once the liver is damaged, as of today, there are no conventional means to repair or reverse the damage caused. However, there is a natural method, with documented successful results, that focuses on getting the body to repair itself (more on this below).

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) wasn’t even considered a health hazard 30 years ago. However, today it effects as many as a quarter of Americans and is considered the leading form of liver disease in the United States. It is estimated that 80% of sufferers will develop a significant form of liver disease and a good number of these sufferers could progress to liver cirrhosis and end stage liver disease.

This is a very serious condition that needs to be addressed beyond today’s conventional methods. The medical community of today, backed by some very profitable pharmaceutical conglomerates, are primarily focused on treating the symptoms and appear to be doing very little to address the actual root cause. This is not the answer. The solution lies in reversing the symptoms by eliminating the saturated fat that has damaged the liver.

At the present, there are no therapeutic or conventional drug treatments that can reverse the damage to a fatty liver. Undeniably, the drugs associated with treating a fatty liver come with some hefty costs including cholesterol lowering drugs that can exert toxic effects on the liver cells.

Technological advances in medications, surgeries and new diagnostic testing have made some miraculous advances in managing diseases however, there still remains many incurable diseases simply because the body is far more complex than all our medical advances to-date.

Due to the complexity of our bodies, the fat accumulated in a fatty liver simply cannot be reversed using convention means however, the body’s own complexity can be the solution.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Symptoms BY BRINGING YOUR LIVER BACK TO HEALTH.

This is the premise behind this specially formulated fatty liver solution. Our knowledge in health far exceeds our knowledge in illness, primarily because in managing health we now know precisely what the body needs in order to get it back into balance and begin to function as it should.

There are some basic dietary remedies designed to prevent a fatty liver from worsening and also for prevention. These diets have multiple health benefits and primarily include adopting a healthy eating plan. Unfortunately, they don’t usually go beyond the basics….those who have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are instructed to avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates (white bread and rice, breakfast cereals and potatoes). Additionally, to avoid processed foods.

Fatty Liver Symptoms


Unfortunately, by the time you begin to show fatty liver symptoms, your liver may already be damaged, and the normal healthy liver tissue has been replaced with areas of unhealthy fats. In this damaged liver, the liver cells and the spaces in the liver are filled with fat so the liver becomes slightly enlarged and heavier. At this point, the liver has a yellow greasy appearance. This is when you begin to feel the symptoms, starting with an uncomfortable feeling in your right upper abdominal area.


– You will likely be overweight especially, in the abdominal area
– You will find it very hard to lose weight
– Experience constant fatigue
– Dull abdominal pain
– Flatulence
– Bloating
– Cramping
– High Cholesterol
– High Blood Pressure
– Loss of Appetite
– Constipation
– Jaundice
– Nausea
– Fever
– Vomiting


A healthy liver regulates fat metabolism and is the primary fat-burning organ in your body. It even pumps excessive fat out of your body through the bile in the gut. So, if you have a healthy liver you shouldn’t have difficulty with your weight. However, a fatty liver does the exact opposite, it stores fat when it should be burning it. And, instead of removing excess fat from the body it essentially becomes a warehouse of fat, and if allowed to progress, will finally become just a blob of fat with dire consequences for your health and life expectancy.


fatty liver symptoms reversal

Traditional medicine provides no specific therapy or drug treatment that actually reverses the fatty liver. Therefore, by conventional means no. However, there is a natural approach that uses a very uniquely developed diet as a precise treatment that has been proven to work effectively in reversing a fatty liver in virtually every case….


Here in the states, the incidence of fatty liver disease is 15% to 20% of the general population and is much higher in obese people.


Fatty liver symptoms

I’m sure your doctor means well. Most doctors do. But they are trained in managing disease… not in managing health. Our “modern” health care system is more like “sick care”!

So for most doctors, their first instinct is to pick up the prescription pad and give you a pill to swallow, or, pat you on the back and say “there is nothing I can do, go jump on a diet”.


Think about it….your body’s own immune system is the tool to fix this problem…..you need to build up your immune system using a healthy and precise treatment….not break it down with pharmaceutical drugs that are harmful (read their WARNING labels) and tax your body’s natural abilities.

In this new e-book, you will learn about the different fatty liver symptoms associated with this condition and how these symptoms translate into which type (or level) of fatty liver disease you may have. Though, there isn’t any known cure by conventional means, there is a practical solution that details out a precise treatment that is specially designed to focus on fixing the root cause of this disease opposed to simply masking the symptoms.

This solution involves a specially developed diet that is designed to strengthen the immune system and get it back to doing what it was originally intended to do. It’s very interesting how statistics show that our western civilization has a higher incident of fatty liver symptoms which is primarily due to our modern lifestyle. However, “Western Medicine” primarily focus on the symptoms and not the cause leaving us at the mercy of the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and their mass produced prescription drugs with all their WARNING labels and disclaimers.

This is why a natural solution makes so much more sense!!!! Prescription drugs only weaken the body’s natural abilities which is the exact opposite to what is needed. This new solution includes precise treatment strategies to permanently relieve you from the most troublesome symptoms, including weight that just won’t budge, fatigue, abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, nausea, blood sugar imbalances, high cholesterol, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite and many more.

Look….if you have a fatty liver problem, the answer is not going to be found in prescription drugs that tax the body and weaken the immune system. When I read about a solution that focuses on a natural approach, involving a specially formulated diet that focuses on the cause, it really made good sense to me.

This diet is specifically designed to cleanse the system and allow the body to do what it was originally intended to do. Even if your liver is damaged, this diet can begin to reverse the effects or prevent if from ever getting damaged. What I discovered from this e-book is…. that our bodies are designed to fix itself if given the chance….This diet is really designed to replenish the body with what it needs…. cleanse the system from harmful toxins and allow our immune system to function as it was designed to do..

And a diet of this nature only provides benefits….whether its for other ailments or simply to better your general health. When comparing to lab manufactured prescription drugs….this natural approach makes far too much sense to ignore!!

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Symptoms

This natural remedy actually reverses Fatty Liver symptoms.

One thing I’ve learned in my research, is that for every conceivable disease known to man, there is a natural remedy that can be even more effective than the pharmaceutical approach but, without all the harmful side effects. This is especially the case with a fatty liver. Pharmaceutical drugs only focus on the symptoms and have severe side effects while, a natural approach directly impacts the root cause allowing the body to fix itself and reverse the symptoms.

This natural approach really makes sense. Prescription drugs, mass produced by profit seeking pharmaceutical companies, can never remove the fat in your liver and replace it with healthy liver cells. However, by turning to mother nature for help….our bodies can do it.

If you are experiencing Fatty Liver Symptoms then, you may already have a damaged liver. This is a very slow developing condition that begins to show signs once the healthy liver cells, and the spaces in the liver, are saturated with fat causing the liver to increase in size and cause noticeable abdomen discomfort. At this point, the liver is damaged.

Though, there may not be any cures derived from conventional means, there are however, some very effective Fatty Liver Diets that can offer some real benefits in preventing any further damage to your liver.

However, if you’re looking for a way to reverse the damage to your liver, there is one solution that has been proven to work very effectively.

With all our technological wonders, we simply don’t have the “know how” to remove the fat in the liver and bring back the healthy liver cells. BUT…OUR BODY DOES HAVE THIS ABILITY!!


This new solution details out a precise treatment that focuses on revitalizing the body’s own abilities to fix this problem. The first step is to cleanse out the inner terrain system followed by a specially formulated diet that, in essence, provides the body with the necessary nutrients and tools to begin fixing itself.

In short, its in our modern lifestyle that we break down the body’s natural abilities to ward off certain diseases and conditions. As in the case of a fatty liver, by consuming too much alcohol or eating unhealthy, fatty and high calorie foods causes fat build up in the liver and prevents it from functioning as it should.

A precise treatment geared towards getting the body to fix itself is the only solution that effectively works towards reversing fatty liver symptoms for good.


A Healthy and Natural Fatty Liver Solution

The human body is very much like a very complex and sophisticated machine. So complex, that even with all our today’s medical knowledge and breakthroughs, there are still a vast amount of diseases, such as a fatty liver, that are still considered incurable. Apparently, the complexity of the human body is well beyond the sophistication of our medical technology today.

We need to look at these diseases from a different approach. You see, doctors have traditionally been trained and educated in dealing with illnesses and know a lot less about health. This is because conventional methods are derived from the research and study of illness opposed to health. In other words, our bodies are more like very sophisticated machines and, in regards to many of today’s incurable conditions such as a fatty liver, our medical understanding falls short of such complexity. However, in the study of health, we have made great strides in understanding the needs of the body and how to provide it with the necessary nutrients and special herbs to repair itself. And, the body is designed to do just that!

A Fatty Liver Has Healthy Cells Replaced With Fat

It’s normal for the liver to contain some fat but, if the fat accounts for more than 10% your liver’s weight then, you have fatty liver which may develop more serious complications.

Fatty liver may cause no damage, but sometimes the excess fat leads to inflammation of the liver. This condition, called steatohepatitis, does cause liver damage. Sometimes, inflammation from a fatty liver is linked to alcohol abuse; this is known as alcoholic steatohepatitis. Otherwise the condition is called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH.

An inflamed liver may become scarred and hardened over a period of time. This is called cirrhosis and is very serious and often leads to liver failure.

NASH can damage your liver for years or even decades without causing any symptoms. If the disease gets worse, you may experience fatigue, weight loss, abdominal discomfort, weakness and confusion.

The whole truth about Fatty Liver Symptoms and how it is completely reversible in virtually every case! Just like every profit seeking industry, modern medicine and their pharmaceutical drug laboratories only benefit from keeping naturally safe remedies from the public.

ALL THESE SYMPTOMS CAN BE REVERSED and WITHOUT resorting to experimental prescription drugs or unrealistic diets.

What causes fatty liver?

Eating unhealthy, fatty and high calorie foods causes fat build up in the liver. In this state, the liver cannot process and break down fats as it normally does and too much fat begins to accumulate. Sufferers of this disease tend to develop their symptoms if they have other conditions….such as obesity, diabetes or high triglycerides. Excess alcohol, quick weight loss and malnutrition is also a major contributor to developing a fatty liver. However, there are some people who develop a fatty liver even without any of the described conditions. There’s simply many unknowns regarding this disease.

How is fatty liver diagnosed?

Your doctor visit may uncover something unusual in your blood test or find that your liver is enlarged during a simple routine checkup. These could be the first signs of having a fatty liver. Your doctor may perform other test to see if you have other liver diseases by performing more blood tests, a CT scan, an ultrasound or an MRI. If the other diseases are not found then you may be diagnosed with NASH. The primary method to be sure is to get a liver biopsy. This entails taking a sample of the liver tissue and lab test it under a microscope.

Treatment for fatty liver

In this new comprehensive health report, “The Fatty Liver Solution”, is available in electronic format. That means you can have access to this valuable information in a matter of minutes.

And in just a few days from now, you may already be feeling the benefits of improved liver function. In fact, some experience health improvements in less than week. For others, it takes longer. For you, I don’t know… and neither will you, until you try.

But either way, you’ll soon be well on your way to playing with the kids or grandkids with renewed energy and vitality… you’ll actually feel good for a change… and you’ll drop those excess pounds in the process!

Modern Day Diseases Cured Naturally

With all of man’s technological wonders, there are still a list of common diseases that man simply doesn’t possess the “know how” to cure. These disease’s are primarily a product of our modern day life styles. One thing the following has in common, is that they are much more common in modern “Western” civilization.

The reason why we don’t have medical solutions for these conditions is because the answer doesn’t lie in modern medicine. The solution is in bringing our body’s back into balance, by providing them with the necessary nutrients and tools, and get our own immune system to do what it was originally intended to do.

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