Best Suggested Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Obesity or overweight is one of the major health concerning issues that usually occurs due to unhealthy food habits. The calorie rich food increases the energy level and if it is not burn out through physical workout, it converts into fat and stores in body. Eating less or starving is not the solution. The best ways to lose weight are to develop healthy food habits and follow proper exercise regimen. In this article, we will discuss few simple tips to lose weight fast.

1. Don’t skip breakfast – Breakfast should be rich and heavy. It provides essential energy and nutrients to your body. A healthy breakfast fuels up the metabolism and helps in weight reduction. It is proven that breakfast reduces the total calorie consumption of a day and keeps you happy, healthy and content. You can have vegetable brown bread sandwich, oats, dahlia, fruits, poha, upma, boiled eggs, omelets etc.

2. Drink plenty of water – Studies have proved that the people, who drink plenty of water throughout the day, consume lesser calories. A gl[censored] full of water before every meal helps you to reduce weight up to a great extend. It prevents overeating and makes you feel full for longer. Water hydrates the skin and detoxifies the body.

3. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits – Fresh vegetables and fruits are very nutritious and healthy. The high satiety value and fiber content keep you fill. Eat lots of salad (without any dressing), fruits, fruit chat, juices etc.

4. Avoid junk foods – Foods like burger, patties, pastries, pizzas, French fries, potato wafers, fried food, processed food and soft drinks are very unhealthy and cause weight gain. Studies proved that junk foods increase risk of cardiovascular and other serious health diseases.

5. Reduce alcohol intake – The high caloric value of alcohol results in weight gain. It has adverse effect on nutrition absorption process and causes overindulgence. You can replace it with healthy fruit juices and drinks. If you find it hard to leave, then you can limit its intake.

6. Do workout or exercise – The total calorie intake should be lesser than the calorie burn out that can be achieved only through regular exercise regimen. When you start workout, the stored fat starts converting into energy and results in fat lose. It keeps you fit, active and healthy.

7. Keep a check on your diet – It is important to track your dietary habits and daily food intake. This helps to calculate calorie counts and enables to make essential modifications, as per requirement. It becomes easy to count hidden calories which are taken in entire day. This food tracking method enables you to lose many Kgs faster, than fasting and starving.

8. Take sound sleep – A relaxing and comfy sleep makes you feel so fresh, active and healthy. It is very important for good mental and physical health. Less sleep or sleepless night increase late night cravings and lead you to make poor choices. Stay organized and follow you regular sleeping schedule, 7-8 hours sleep per night is good.

9. Manage stress and live active lifestyle – Stress may lead to various mental and physical health problems. Chronic stress conditions have strong correlation with weight gain, especially in chronic emotional eating. Do exercise, yoga, meditation or engage yourself in any creative activity that helps you to relieve stress. The active lifestyle keeps you fit and more productive. Simple and short workouts are the best solutions to maintain an active lifestyle.

10. Motivate yourself and surround yourself with positive people – Self motivation is very important to achieve the desired target. Whenever you crave for a particular food or feel to give up, then concentrate on your target and imagine yourself as a slim figure. Stay strong and get surrounded by positive people who support you in accomplishment of your goals.

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