An Overview Of The Various 100 Plastic Playing Cards

Description: Find out the truth about 100 Plastic Playing Cards and see if they are right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of 100 Plastic Playing Cards.

There are many benefits to playing with 100 plastic playing cards. You might consider purchasing one of the many different types of plastic cards for your poker needs if you are looking for a deck that is right for you. Many of the benefits include they are washable, sturdy, include a case, replaceable, and more.

There are many different companies that offer 100 plastic playing cards. You can purchase different name brands like Gemaco, Modiano, Copag, Kem, DaVinci, Marion, and Royal. Plastic playing cards are much more expensive than regular cards but they are designed to have a longer life than traditional playing cards.

100 plastic playing cards have the benefit of being washable. If you spill something on your card table, like a sticky soda, then you don’t have to worry about your deck of cards being destro[censored] or ruined. Ordinary cards will stain or turn colors and this can be a pain in the neck to have to replace the cards, especially if the guys that come over to play poker are messy. Washable cards are a big benefit because you won’t have to worry about stains on the cards and soda and other things will wash right off the cards.

Another benefit you can enjoy with 100 plastic playing cards is that the entire deck is sturdy. No more worries about edges of the cards fraying or getting bent. This can be frustrating if one particular card in the deck has a crease in it and everyone knows it is the Jack of hearts. That can ruin the game. Plastic cards are not going to bend or have creases.

Most card companies who sell 100 plastic playing cards will provide a plastic case for your cards to ensure you have a safe place to put the cards so they won’t get lost. You won’t have a flimsy paper cover for the cards that can get torn and destro[censored] . A case allows for total protection of your cards.

Another benefit of purchasing 100 plastic playing cards is that most of the card companies offer a lifetime guarantee of the cards. If a card is lost or damaged they will replace them for free. Some companies will not replace them for free but they do offer replacement cards for you to purchase. This means that if your Ace of spades is lost then you can buy another card rather than purchase an entire deck because of one lost card.

Plastic playing cards are easy to get used to playing with. Many people speculate immediately upon hearing the word plastic. However, you will be surprised to know that many casinos today use the plastic cards and you don’t even notice. This is because of the long life of the cards and they don’t have to be replaced as often as regular cards. This saves casinos and poker players a lot of money when they don’t have to continuously purchase cards.

100 plastic playing cards are the best solution for your card needs. They are sturdy, washable, and they come in a case to provide total protection. You can have the cards replaced if you lose one and your deck of cards will last you a lifetime.

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