Alaska Halibut Fishing — Valuable Tricks Worth Discovering

Alaska halibut fishing is not so much a massive battle, as it is in just lifting the fish to the top. Huge Alaska halibut are referred to as “barn doors” and that is how they feel. It’s simply a huge load, that sometimes shakes, and now and then heads itself back all the way down to the bottom after you have hauled it up half of the way. Up and down, up and down. They are not like ling cod, where you’ve got to pay constant, wary attention to the line and not enable any slack to come into the line. You’ll take it easy and reel up the fish at your, as a result of they’re in most cases hooked fairly well.

Hooking Alaska halibut sometimes appears like you have snagged something. On occasion they do not move or fight or perhaps strive to swim back all the way down to the underside at all. It’s simply a matter of hauling the fish up to the surface. Since you may be fishing in 100-two hundred or more feet of water, it will take a while to get them up. Some fish do flay around a small amount, and a normal response to being caught is for Alaska halibut to swim back down to the bottom after you’ve got pulled it up a bit. The rare Alaska halibut will embark along the underside when it’s been hooked. Often, a massive Alaska halibut can do this, but the high speed run will generally last for only several seconds.

Typically, simply hauled it back toward you and upwards. They may swiftly bolt back to action and return for the bottom. Whenever you’re in 150 feet of water or more, it will turn into heaps of work. You may pull it up over [*fr1] way to the surface, and it might unexpectedly choose to go go into reverse, and then let fly or fly across the underside of the ocean at extreme momentum. Still when your reel drag is set at its maximum setting, it may seem as if it’s doing nothing, even with the rod bent over sort of a horseshoe. Very rarely can an Alaska halibut do this feat additional than some times before finally becoming tired. Then simply haul the fish to the surface. When Alaska halibut weigh around a hundred twenty five pounds, this activity can certainly wear you out.

Larger halibut do not typically mean better fight. We’ve harvestedlarger Alaska halibut, however hundred pounders appear to produce the best fight from our experience. For instance, we were fishing and hooked a legitimate monster three hundred+ pound Alaska halibut. It took just about 20 minutes to induce it to the surface, however that was additional because of the burden than from any huge fight put up by the fish. Once an incredibly giant Alaska halibut comes to the surface, the monster could look more resembling an island than a fish next to the boat. This can be particularly true when you are during a smaller craft, such as a 16 foot skiff. These bigger Alaska halibut could be half the length of the boat!

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