A Estimable Life time Includes Preparation For Sudden Death

Your life time can end this very day – are you set up and spiritually well prepared to p[censored] away in peacefulness God and love this very day ? Love or sudden death. To die is peaceful if you are sure to have finished with your reincarnation spiritual lessons and life plan as successfully as reasonably possible .

Do you realize that this very day might be your last day? Are you prepared for today being your last hour on earth ?

Here some facts to stir you up and make you reconsider and evaluate your very own daily activities :

A while ago a male , a regular guest at the resort in the Philippine islands each year, was here for the last time. Age 44, he had only work in mind , only work in lifespan. I discussed to him about finding more passion and play into regular life time . All his lifespan in was comprised of working , working more, attracting hard earned cash. he was mechanic they earn lots of money – may very well be up to 2000 US bucks or more if and when they are very qualified and very hard working. He was qualified, specialist and hard working. Allowing for no space for passion, no space for family nor for any type of fun in life – except a few weeks holiday in the Philippines . A firm partner during those few weeks of lifetime each year. His lifespan on earth was so empty that he drank more or less all day – a lot . An empty life is difficult to suffer except when intoxicated. An empty platter is impossible to still the urge for food! A life empty of love is tough to still your souls hunger for “soul-food” – God love.

Even the very intense talk I had with him about all that a few weeks earlier had no results . He was too stubborn on his way of life of work for money and that he must do his one c[censored] for that employer.

He was on a wrong way of life , you bearing in mind – on a wrong spiritual path all steps faulty ! It was time to end such wrong way . It was time to decease – passion or dying. Because a lifetime without passion in life is no life – our heavenly father produced life to enjoy , to express, to practice , to change , to grasp also to polish love for all nature. Nothing else but that is the ultimate , definite and everlasting reason of life … divine passion!

He drank – sometimes a good deal – because it’s hard to accept and exist an vacuous reincarnation. Hollow of spiritual love , true marital life , because everything else never counts . Only the full and real love you ever generated counts by the end of your life cycle or incarnation . Everything else is like fake hard earned cash – fine as long as the recipient believes in its value – empty and worth nothing if someone recognizes the true content of passion vs money. Love test as written in the “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” are here for you to try out your love and make adjustments – now – this moment – because this day can be your last day in a body on earth!

Several days ago he – the young man – was brought to the hospital and on march 13th he passed away from earth . Liver! A young man without household , without real better half, without genuine spiritual goal in his lifespan on earth – only career nothing but project . What is the use or sense of such lifespan?

heavenly Father ‘s response is going to be enough for you – learn from such answers for your own benefit . Use your time to love before you perish .

See such realism – you will reconsider the value and precedences of your very own lifespan on earth besides and feel the requirement of getting your incarnation restructured. Even more important , to make sure you got done all for others you ever could. To secure there is absolutely no opportunity to love and prove true love you ever missed and if you missed one then make up for it by spontaneous further potent more open evidence of passion – dynamic power of love toward that one or those many who are waiting on you to be loved by you.

Thousands could be expecting – unless you have loved thousands.
Tomorrow they might be death or you.
What to do then?

To say “I am sorry for NOT having loved you”.
To say “I love you next time”? When and where next time?

To p[censored] away or last never is your personal determination but our heavenly Father’s decision alone. God is pure divine love. The supreme being always projects and wants the ideal for you – the most loving life time for you. If however you entirely miss to take heavenly Father ‘s passion and acquire to convert and utilize Supreme Being love into your very own private lifestyle , then creator of all creation may ” restart” your life-plan. End your faulty path of life and eventually present you with another chance in another incarnation at another location with different situations in comparison with the present one. Jesus love teachings are a really perfect spiritual guide for a fulfilled life on earth that may end any time, but always in peace of mind and divine love to progress onward toward our unceasing home of passion in our heavenly Father.

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